Enhancing biosecurity

Figure 19 shows the proportion of indicator components for which ‘Enhancing biosecurity’ is the primary goal that have been assigned to each assessment category, with the exact number of indicator components shown as a label on the bars.

H1 (Abatement of the number of invasive non-native species entering and establishing against a baseline) reports one cumulative data point for each 10-year period included within the indicator, so it is only possible to assess long-term trends as there are insufficient data points to establish trends over shorter time periods. H1 showed a deterioration for freshwater, marine and terrestrial ecosystems over the long term. H2 (Distribution of invasive non-native species and plant pests and diseases) showed an improvement over the medium and long term, moving to ‘little or no change’ in the short term.

Figure 19: Summary of assessment results for Enhancing biosecurity indicator components

Plot legend: list of stacked components included in each bar

  • Improvement
  • Little or no change
  • Deterioration
  • Not assessed