Summary of results

These summaries present assessment results for indicators relevant to each 25 Year Environment Plan goal. Bar charts show the proportion of indicator components which are improving, deteriorating, show little or no change, or have not yet been assessed. Results tables are provided to show which specific indicator components have been assigned to each category. There are a number or reasons why an indicator may be unassessed; it could still be in development, the time series could not yet be sufficiently long, or the indicator could be in a format which is not appropriate for trend assessment (for example, a map). It should be noted that it is not yet clear how many indicator components will eventually be presented for indicators still in development. At present, indicators in development are counted as one component for the summary charts. The total number of indicator components may increase in the future if multiple components are presented for newly developed indicators, and this will affect the proportions of indicators displayed in summary charts. The assessment category of change since 2018 is not currently included in result summaries presented in this section, noting the current limited availability of data points which does not yet allow for robust trends to be confidently understood for many indicators.