H5: Exposure to transport noise

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Short description

This indicator will track changes in the exposure of people to noise from transportation sources. It does not include neighbour and neighbourhood noise. The indicator will show the estimated number of people exposed to noise levels (in 5 decibel bands) from the most significant road, rail and air sources. Health costs (and hence burden to the economy) of noise can be estimated from health outcomes associated with noise exposure (such as annoyance, sleep disturbance, and cardiovascular effects). The available data being explored for this indicator’s development are currently derived through strategic noise mapping undertaken at 5-year intervals.

This indicator is not available for reporting in 2021 as further work is required to develop the indicator. Data for noise exposure are published.

This table provides metadata for the interim or final indicator presented above.

Indicator name

Exposure to transport noise

Indicator reference


Outcome Indicator Framework theme

Biosecurity, Chemical and Noise

Headline indicator status

Not applicable

Relevant goal(s) in the 25 Year Environment Plan
  • Enhancing beauty, heritage and engagement with the natural environment
Relevant target(s) in the 25 Year Environment Plan
  • None
Position in the natural capital framework
  • Pressure on natural capital assets
Related reporting commitments
  • Environmental Noise (England) Regulations (as amended) 2006
Geographic scope

England, potential to disaggregate the data regionally.

Status of indicator development

In development

Date last updated

11 June 2021