K1: Overseas environmental impacts of UK consumption of key commodities

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This indicator will track the impact on the environment overseas resulting from our domestic consumption, linked to the sustainability of the products we import. We are exploring methods and data for this indicator that could include a measure of the environmental impact of some of the commodities we import (for example, on deforestation and/or water stress).

This indicator is not available for reporting in 2021. Between 2018 and 2020, we have undertaken research to support development of this indicator, including review of existing methodologies of global impacts indicators, tracing impact through supply chains and appropriate metrics. Based on this work, multi-regional input-output modelling has been selected as the method that will underpin this indicator. A proof of concept study has been carried out and internationally peer reviewed. This year, data are being collated and modelling is taking place This will be completed by August 2021, and so the indicator should be available to report in 2022.

In addition, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of published platforms and tools, including their readiness and context to assess how these may be relevant to understanding the impacts of UK consumption on the environment overseas.

This table provides metadata for the interim or final indicator presented above.

Indicator name

Overseas environmental impacts of UK consumption of key commodities

Indicator reference


Outcome Indicator Framework theme


Headline indicator status

Impacts on the natural environment overseas

Relevant goal(s) in the 25 Year Environment Plan
  • There are no specific goals in the 25 Year Environment Plan for this indicator, however the Plan commits us to leaving a lighter footprint on the global environment by enhancing sustainability and supporting zero deforestation supply chains.
Relevant target(s) in the 25 Year Environment Plan
  • None
Position in the natural capital framework
  • Service or benefit associated with natural capital asset
Related reporting commitments
  • Convention on Biological Diversity Aichi Target 4
  • Sustainable Development Goals 12, 14 and 15
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Status of indicator development

In development

Date last updated

11 June 2021